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Coaching calls with Susan are usually fun – she invariably shows up as cheerful, compassionate, and calm. At the same time, she is well-grounded and practical, giving me great confidence in her coaching. If asked to “label” Susan right now, I’d call her a “Practical Mystic.”  ~Niale McLoughlin

Susan Motheral

Coach, Mentor, Founder: The Motheral School for Wonderful Living

Ever since I was a young girl, I have been interested in how humans can live their lives with more peace, freedom, productivity and success. In other words, my interest might be called the search for how to live a wonderful life. My studies have been wide-ranging including International Politics, Behavioral Psychology (BA and PhD), Evolutionary Biology, Behavioral Economics, Business (MBA), the Womanly Arts, and various lines of spiritual inquiry.

A few years ago I stumbled upon the Three Principles discovered by Sydney Banks. This spiritual understanding of the principles behind life provides a sound basis for unconditional hope for the survival and prosperity of the human race. I now work as a Transformational Coach with individuals, couples and businesses under the auspices of the Motheral School for Wonderful Living.

My work, school, and wonderful life blend beautifully. I love to travel (especially outside the US) and when home tend my organic garden that is devoted to butterflies and antique roses. My coaching space, The Chrysalis, is filled with textiles and carpets I have collected on my travels, and is located in my garden in Fort Worth, Texas.

Education and Qualifications:

BA, Psychology, Grinnell College

PhD, Research in Learning and Motivation, Duke University

MBA, Southern Methodist University

Mama Gena’s School of the Womanly Arts

Apprenticeships with Michael Neill, Steve Chandler

Michael Neill’s SuperCoach Academy: Certified Advanced Transformational Coach

SuperCoach Academy Faculty member, Class of 2014