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Living a Wonderful Life

The Motheral School for Wonderful Living

I host events at my home in Fort Worth, TX as well as other locations in addition to participating in events organized by others.

Please check back for other events hosted by the Motheral School for Wonderful Living.

Hall Ensemble, a classical chamber music group, has had the honor of presenting two performances in Susan Motheral’s gorgeous home. The open spaces offer great acoustics, and the personal artwork and exotic souvenirs lovingly collected from generations of family travels create a magical atmosphere of warmth and friendship. ~Karen Hall Artistic Director, Hall Ensemble


September 12, 2016
TEDxUNT talk by Susan:


Living Your Best Life:
It’s Simpler than You Think

University of North Texas Union, Room 394


Denton, TX

Susan Ponte Vecchio 400x300

October 7-21, 2016
La Dolce Vita (The Sweet Life)

Small Group Retreat led by Susan in Central Tuscany and Rome

Sold Out